My Zen Mode Candle Care Kit


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Tending to your candles can be a practice that helps you set the tone for all of your favorite moments and lets you enjoy a truly luxurious experience every time.

Whether you light your candles as you prepare for a girls’ night in or as you sit down to begin your morning routine, you’ll find that each tool in your Candle Care Kit helps those candles burn longer and retain their fragrance over time. 

The Details

Our Candle Care Kits are stylish sets made from high-end stainless steel for easy cleaning. It arrives in a white cafe with your choice of black or gold accessories. 

My Zen Mode Candle Care Kit Includes:

Wick Dipper (7.8-inch)

This sophisticated tool provides a smokeless way to extinguish your candles. Use the tool to dip your wick into the burning candle’s wax pool. Once the flame is doused, use your Wick Dipper to re-straighten the wick for its next use. 

You’ll avoid the mess of blowing out your candles and when you dip your wick into the wax pool to put it out, you’re prepping it with a touch of wax so that it’s easy to light the next time!

Also use our Wick Dipper to remove any debris in your hot or cold wax pool, to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the wax. 

Candle Snuffer (8.8-inch)

The Candle Snuffer is a graceful way to extinguish your My Zen Mode candles. Its heat-resistant material and slim design allow you to effortlessly reach and put out wicks.

The movable snuffing end fits perfectly around a candle wick, keeping hot wax where it belongs and preventing smoke from escaping as you end your candle-burning session.

Wick Trimmer(7.08 inch) 

The My Zen Mode Wick Trimmer is the perfect tool for extending the life of your candles and ensuring proper burning each time. This thoughtfully designed tool not only cuts your wick evenly but collects the wick remnants as it does so, ensuring your candle stays clear of debris.

Its elongated handle also allows you to reach the center of wider candle jars, so you can keep all of your My Zen Mode candles burning with a delightful fragrance each time.  

Candle Kit Tray

Our signature Case and Tray complete your set by providing a simple, elegant way to hold and display your candle care tools. 

Each tray features the My Zen Mode logo so that it pairs beautifully with your collection of candles.

Zen Mode Candle Care Tips

  • Don’t extinguish candles by blowing them out or using water. Use a candle extinguisher like our Wick Dipper or Candle Snuffer instead.
  • When using the candle snuffer, simply cover the burning wick for 15-25 seconds to extinguish the candle. 
  • Letting your wick get too long will reduce the life of the candle. So, trim wicks to ¼ inch right after extinguishing as a cold wick can become brittle.
  • When you burn a new candle, allow a pool of wax to develop on the surface of the vessel from rim to rim so that it keeps burning evenly each time.
  • Light candles with our Electric Candle Lighter so you avoid the smoke, and smell of traditional matches and fueled lighters.
  • Avoid burning yourself by using these tools and always light candles out of reach of children.

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